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Whether you are a business owner, individual or advisor, navigating financial difficulty can be a highly distressing experience. At Jones Partners, our seasoned team of insolvency professionals take the time to understand your unique challenges and implement effective, long-lasting solutions.

How we help Company Directors / Owners

We will reduce the impact of financial distress through the implementation of a tailored action plan for Companies. We will also help in dispute-based matters by accepting appointments and unlocking value in valuable assets and enabling parties to move forward.

Company Directors are sometimes unaware of their statutory duties regarding financial management of their Company, particularly when it may be insolvent or likely to become insolvent. The situation can get worse when remedial action is not considered and taken within appropriate timeframes. Failure to act can expose Directors to needless financial risk which may otherwise be easily avoided.

We actively encourage Directors and Owners to seek advice early. Procrastination is no solution and most Companies do not have well developed financial crisis plans. It is vital that professional advice is obtained from Registered Liquidators who understand what you are going through and have demonstrated results in formulating a strategy for you to emerge from financial crisis.

There are many types of external administration and other options when evaluating the best option for the Company. We have a depth of experience in all types of external administrations and we are in a position to take control and help you navigate through the financial crisis.

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How We Help Individuals

We will tailor a solution to help you break free from the burden of debt so you can regain control of your life

If your debt has spiraled out of control and you have that sinking feeling there’s no way out, we’re here to help you get back on track. Since the 1980’s we’ve helped people properly understand their options, make an informed decision to deal with their debts and rebuild their lives.

Whatever the reason for your financial position, we understand the stress you are going through. We will set your mind at ease by clearly explaining the various options available to you and help you make an informed decision so you can re-focus and re-establish yourself.

Here are some of the situations we have helped people to recover from:

  • Failed business venture and liabilities incurred on guarantees
  • Excessive use of credit
  • Adverse litigation
  • Domestic Discord
  • Ill Health

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How to help your clients

As a trusted advisor, our role is to support your clients and provide clear and simple options for them to consider. We work closely with a variety of professional service advisors to provide experience and expertise regarding all aspects of Insolvency and business restructuring.

Let us help you, help your clients.

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Often, individuals and business owners feel helpless in these situations – without realising they still have options. We will help you regain control.”

-Daniel, Bruce and Michael

Why we are trusted by clients

We take the time
to listen

We listen first and then act. Helping you is our first priority.

Helping you regain control

Control of your finances, your business and your life.

A client focused approach to Insolvency

Our role is to earn your trust and so you know you have someone on your side.

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