Safeguarding Security Interests

Business Monitoring and Formal Appointments to Safeguard Financiers Security Interest

With more businesses utilising all available forms of finance to meet working capital, capex and other on-going requirements, there is a greater need for such exposures to be pro-actively managed. This is particularly the case where there is a business that may or could shortly be showing signs of financial distress. Such distress could be based on inexperienced management or a particular industry or legislative change.

If you’re a financier, Jones Partners can assist in the monitoring and reporting of a business that may not be meeting your lending conditions.

We understand the importance of the lending relationship you have with the business, and can provide clarity on the level of your exposure risk. We offer formal and informal engagements in this area and can provide recommendations on your next steps to limit your exposure and allow for either a continuing working relationship with the business or optimising the value of available collateral.

The areas where we assist financiers are:

  • Investigating Accountant Reports;
  • Comprehensive independent business reviews;
  • Risk identification and business recovery strategies;
  • Acting as Agents for a mortgagee in possession of property (i.e. a formal controller appointment), Receivers & Managers and Voluntary Administrators;
  • Access to a network of restructuring specialists across different industries.

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