Do you wish to avoid the stigma of a formal personal insolvency and would like to seek help in meeting financial obligation to a small list of creditors?

This option is preferable if you are confident of an informal agreement will provide a better result to your creditors than if you were to consider a formal personal insolvency option, such as voluntary bankruptcy.

Informal Agreements are reached outside of the auspices of the Bankruptcy Act. It is critical in such circumstances to get all creditors to agree to such arrangements (or those that the individual expresses a desire to) in order to try and bind the creditors where possible. Whilst reaching these kinds of Agreements can avoid the stigma of a formal personal insolvency option, much care needs to be taken to ensure that it is appropriate for the individual and that the key objectives can be achieved.


  • Agreement reached outside of the Bankruptcy Act and is typically appropriate when they be a small number of creditors
  • Avoids important registrations or licences being cancelled if you were to enter into a formal personal insolvency option such as bankruptcy
  • We have worked with many individuals in determining the appropriateness of these kinds of Agreements and assisting them in the negotiating process

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