Media Statement

15th June 2022

Update from Jones Partners, Receivers of Melissa Louise Caddick and Liquidators of Maliver Pty Ltd

“Today in the Federal Court of Australia (‘the Court”) orders were made by consent, enabling Jones Partners as Receivers to continue moving forward with bringing the Dover Heights Property to market,” said Bruce Gleeson, Principal of Jones Partners.

“As part of these court orders, we will be required to file a further application regarding the sale process and application of sale proceeds from the Dover Heights Property. Such application will be considered by the Court on 25 July 2022 and Investors will be given an opportunity to be heard at such hearing should they wish to,” said Mr Gleeson.

“We are making good progress with the agent selection process and expect to appoint an agent within the next fortnight. We are also actively advancing the necessary maintenance and other works required as part of getting the Dover Heights Property ready for sale.”

“We note Anthony Koletti has sought to have the proceedings before the Court today discontinued against him as an interested person. We have sought urgent clarification from Mr Koletti’s lawyer regarding whether this means he will be making no claims to Ms Caddick’s assets or whether he is merely seeking to discontinue his involvement in Federal Court proceedings, but possibly pursue claims in other Courts. Mr Koletti’s request for the discontinuance, does not affect any other claims that we, as Receivers or Liquidators may have against him”.