Media Statement 

May 19th 2022

Update from Jones Partners, the Receivers of Melissa Caddick and Liquidators of Maliver Pty Ltd

In accordance with Court Orders Anthony Koletti has now vacated the Dover Heights Property and we have taken possession of it.

“We are in the process of preparing the property for sale and undertaking a selection process to appoint a real estate agent(s) to market the property,” said Bruce Gleeson, Principal at Jones Partners. 

“We will be seeking further Orders from the Court to proceed with the sale of the property when it is before the Court on 15 June 2022,” said Mr Gleeson. 

“We will also be holding an Investor Creditor Meeting within the next two (2) weeks to discuss in detail the status of the Receivership.” 

“We are continuing to make good progress on recovering and realising Receivership Assets in accordance with Orders made by the Court.”

“We anticipate strong interest in the Dover Heights Property given the feedback we have received to date”.


Janyne Moore
Director and Publicist
0450 686 693