Taxi Company

Michael Jones

The Matter

  1. The Company operated the call centre for 2 of Sydney’s leading taxi companies.
  2. A dispute arose in the joint venture between the parties over a number of issues. The irreconcilable differences required external intervention.
  3. The main dispute between the parties related to ownership of each of the party’s telephone numbers.
  4. On review by the Provisional Liquidator, the Company was insolvent.
  5. It was apparent that the businesses of each of the joint ventures were viable if separated.
  6. The Provisional Liquidator / Liquidator traded the 24/7 business for a period of 6-7 weeks to allow the transition of the businesses back to each of the parties with minimal business interruption

The Resolution

  1. A resolution was reached in relation to the ownership / transfer of the parties telephone numbers.
  2. Each joint venture party retained their telephone numbers.
  3. Each respective business retained their business.
  4. The employee entitlements were paid by FEG.
  5. The priority creditors will receive a healthy dividend.

The Outcome

  1. The joint venture parties retained their business without interruption.
  2. The taxi industry was not affected as the parties were able to continue to trade.
  3. The Employees were paid their entitlements.