SMEs – Are You Aiming to Thrive or Aiming to Survive! Key Challenges

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RBA announce Interest Rates are on hold – A Bankruptcy View

The RBA announced earlier today that they are going to keep interest rates steady at 2% noting the weakening Asian market, strengthening US market and strong Sydney housing market as … Read More

Section 66G of the Conveyancing Act in action.

Trying to negotiate the sale of a home that two people had once planned their future together in can be trying at the best of times. It becomes even more … Read More

What impact does personal bankruptcy or other Insolvency proceedings have on individual’s credit rating?


As a bankruptcy trustee I am often asked by individuals facing personal financial hardship what will happen to my credit rating if I formally declare myself bankrupt More importantly individuals

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Bankruptcy and the Family Home Part 2 – The Doctrine of Exoneration

In the February 2015 newsletter I wrote about bankruptcy and the family home and typically what happens when an individual enters into bankruptcy and has an ownership interest in the … Read More

BEWARE: ATO flags tougher stance on small business tax debt

Recent media coverage about the ATO tougher stance on small business tax debt [Daniel Meers from Herald-Sun on 21 May 2015] should serve as a timely reminder to company directors … Read More

Repeal of the Loss-Carry Back Tax Offset: Why companies may now be liable? Can the Liquidation regime be utilised?

The Minerals Resource Rent Tax Repeal and other Measures Bill 2014 (“the Bill”) received Royal Assent on 5 September 2014 and became law. IMPORTANTLY, the Bill included the repeal … Read More

Bankruptcy – gambling, excessive use of credit cards and blowing proceeds from sale of property – a dangerous cocktail!!

A recent Media Release by AFSA see link highlights the addiction of gambling and additionally that if forced into bankruptcy as a result of such gambling, then, in certain … Read More

Outcomes in insolvency – what should I expect?

Quite obviously many people that we deal with are in a position that can be very stressful as they are unsure of their future due to either personal or business … Read More

66G Application – The magic bullet for property sale disputes between co-owners.

66G Application – The magic bullet for property sale disputes between co-owners.
In the current booming real estate market more and more people are purchasing property with co –owners in … Read More