It doesn’t need to always end in bankruptcy?

Over the twenty-five (25) years that I have been advising individuals who have been in some form of financial difficulty, I believe between 15-20% of those bankruptcies to which I Read More

Australian bankruptcy numbers at a 24-year low. Credit card lending at an 8-year low. Is this good news?

Before we crack open the champagne, we need to put these statistics into perspective rather than looking at them in isolation – specifically let’s look at what appears to have … Read More

Directors Beware – Extended Personal Liability for Unpaid Superannuation

As an employee how often do you check that your employer is paying your superannuation on time? Would you know how many months your employer might be in arrears? What … Read More

Bankrupt Estate of Jerry Ren

Appointment Type:

Purpose of Notice:
Appointment as Trustee

Date of Appointment:
5 April 2018

Name of Bankrupt:
Jerry Ren

Xiaofeng Ren

Appointee Name:
Bruce Gleeson

Contact Person:
Mr … Read More

Sydney Online Material Handling Liquidation

Details of sale:

Sale of goods from Forklift Warehouse

Under instructions from the Liquidator, Mr Bruce Gleeson of Jones Partners.

Buyers can bid from anywhere in Australia exclusively via PicklesONLINE. … Read More

Bankruptcy & the Age Pension – Not all what it seems!

As Bankruptcy Trustees, we are often asked to assist individuals of many and varied ages on personal insolvency options available to them. Individuals generally have differing financial circumstances and the … Read More

Crowd Source Funding for Retail Investors. Good idea or the potential for them to be the new Ponzi scheme?

The Corporations Amendment (Crowd Source Funding) Bill 2016 is due to come into operation on 29 September 2017. Crowd Source Funding (“CSF”) continues to be a popular way that allows … Read More

Phoenix Activity – Exposing Fraudulent Directors

Whilst it is difficult to accurately determine the true cost of “phoenix activity” primarily due to a lack of relevant data, it has been estimated to cost the Australian economy … Read More

Bankruptcy and Family Trusts – Are They Still Effective?

Family Trusts have and will continue to be used into the future for a variety of purposes, in particular asset protection. Most Family Trusts notably have a Corporate Trustee. As … Read More

Attitude & Corporate Insolvency Profiles 2016

One of my favourite Winston Churchill’s quotes is so relevant to directors and owners in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (“MSME”). That is: “attitude is a little thing that makes … Read More