Is a Bankrupt’s money his/her own?

A question that is frequently asked by an individual that may be contemplating bankruptcy is what happens to the income they earn during bankruptcy. In short, the Bankruptcy Act 1966 Read More

What impact does personal bankruptcy or other Insolvency proceedings have on individual’s credit rating?


As a bankruptcy trustee I am often asked by individuals facing personal financial hardship what will happen to my credit rating if I formally declare myself bankrupt More importantly individuals

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Will the Australian government’s “single touch payroll proposal” create more insolvencies?

The Australian government announced measures to cut red tape for business and to provide a simplified payroll system that would mandate or a “single touch payroll system”

The Australian Taxation … Read More

Why is risk-taking and entrepreneurship important to the Australian economy?

Risk is essential to the business environment. Entrepreneurship relies on creativity and imagination but with every new endeavour comes risk. The usual paradigm is that there is a direct relationship … Read More

The effect of the environmental movement on Insolvencies in Australia

There are three major contributors to Australian insolvency statistics

Obviously the overall health of the Australian Economy is important and this was clearly demonstrated in the Jones Partners Report on … Read More

Is Small Medium Enterprises — the heartland of the Australian economy?

It is clear that SMEs are the back bone of the Australian economy and at a recent function launching the Jones Partners Report into insolvency administrations in Australia Craig James, … Read More

How does the Asian economic boom affect Australian insolvencies?

There is no doubt that the global economy is going through enormous structural change as the weight of global economic activity increasingly shifts towards Asia. The above diagram demonstrates that … Read More

Is Management the key driver of business success or failure?

Although external factors do play a part in the success or failure of a business, research shows that internal factors such as the quality of management is far more important.… Read More

Employee Entitlement Safety Net Scheme – Costs Escalating!

Historically in Australia there is a general societal acceptance that employees should be protected in the event of insolvency. This arises largely from the premise that employee’s are the lifeblood Read More

Rates of Currency Exchange – Impact on Australian Businesses – Jones Partners

According to a recent report issued by the ASIC the main reason for Corporate insolvencies can be related to ”bad strategic management” It may seem that exchange rate fluctuations are … Read More