Employee Entitlement Safety Net Scheme – Costs Escalating!

Historically in Australia there is a general societal acceptance that employees should be protected in the event of insolvency. This arises largely from the premise that employee’s are the lifeblood Read More

Bankruptcy & Superannuation: Look Before You Leap

Individuals facing financial difficulties may think that making lump sum payments into their superannuation fund means that those funds will be “protected”’ in the event of the individual subsequently declaring Read More

Employees and Unpaid Superannuation – Millions Lost

We know from ASIC’s statistics released that of companies placed into liquidation:

  • Approximately 85% have assets less than $100,000; and
  • In about 97% of liquidations (for the year 2012/2013) a
Read More

Beneath the Insolvency Statistics

Whilst the headline statistics released by ASIC [for corporate insolvencies] and AFSA [for personal insolvencies] always make interesting reading and helps us understand correlations between the national / state economies Read More

Take a step back and listen

I was sitting with my wife and 15 month old son where the lake meets Coolum Beach this easter playing charades with my wife feverishly acting sniffing a subject to Read More